B3D modelling help

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This may sound dumb but I need to know if there are any possible Blitz3D modelling software that I can use to properly model some things, as of now Im stuck with fragMOTION and blender is kind of just there having a semi-broken b3d exporter for me

ceeminus commented:

milkshape, it's been free for years

Grindalf commented:

I use Deled(Delgine.com)

RemiD commented:

i can do everything with Fragmotion (modeling, uvmaping, rigging, skining, animation), if you have any question, just ask...

i use the 3d painting (in Fragmotion) and photofiltre to make textures.

the b3d export of Fragmotion is perfect, that's why i like it. (version 1.3.4)

CraigTheCoder commented:

I use Blender for animated characters. While the B3D exporter doesn't export textured models, all you have to do is assign the texture to the model in code using EntityTexture. The extra step doesn't bother me.

For creating world maps such as FPS levels, I use Blender and a custom world editor so I can fully utilize the B3D file format.

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