Map editor with collisions

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Im very new to blitz3D and I tried maplet but it doesn't have collisions my camera walked right through the map are there any map makers with collisions in them?

If not how can I program it so my imported map has collisions?

ceeminus commented:

not only collisions but full FPS template:

RemiD commented:
EpicDude2 commented:

I got collisions to work on my map but I can see through the map when colliding with it how can I fix this?

This video shows what I mean

CraigTheCoder commented:

That's happening because your camera is going through geometry. You need to add a little padding to the collision radius when you set the collision of your camera. Might want to move the camera back a bit too if it helps.

EpicDude2 commented:

How can I do that im very new to blitz3D

Grindalf commented:

EntityRadius camera,X,Y
Just keep increasing x and/or Y until you get a good buffer.
You could also alter the viewing range of your camera with
cameraRange Camera,Near,Far
Far is default to 1000 so leave it as it is unless you feel it needs changing(You can increase this to increase your viewing range)
the smaller you make Near the less clipping you will get so you can try changing it to 0.1 and see how that feels.
Experiment with these commands and see what works best for you.
And dont forget the EntityRadius command works on other 3D objects as well so it may prove useful in the future for characters, sprites ect
Good luck and happy coding :)

CraigTheCoder commented:

Also EpicDude2, please download and view the documentation. There's tons of of code snippets in there to help you get started using Blitz3D.

RemiD commented:

this is clearly a camerarange issue.

try to decrease the near view range.

for first person view on the ground (humanoid character) a good range is 0.15 (near), 150 (far), ( assuming you use 1 blitz3d unit = 1 meter )

camerarange( camera, 0.15, 150 )
EpicDude2 commented:

Thanks that worked is it possible to make it so I can get closer to the wall before colliding?

Grindalf commented:

That would be EntityRadius as I posted up above.
You really should try out all the things recommended as you will learn new commands that will help you in the future

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