Any good tutorials about how to code a 3D multiplayer game ?


Hello ! I would like to know how can I make a 3D multiplayer game using Blitz3D, if possible, easily.

Edit: So, I read the documentation and I saw "DirectPlay"with functions that seem to be used to implement network systems in a game. When I added the "HostNetGame" function, I get an error message: function "hostnetgame" not found.

Can anyone explain?

Shoqapik commented:


And what is this ??

markcwm commented:

I think the Blitz3D network commands are deprecated on modern Windows, so this means it will work but there will be some things that won't. So the best option now is the UDP network lib by Flanker or you could try the RakNet wrapper by Kurix for Blitz3D.

RonTek has a good explanation there. There is no tutorial I can find about Blitz3d networking.

RemiD commented:

the TCP commands and UDP commands should work well i guess.

but directplay, forget about it...

Shoqapik commented:

Okay, thanks guys for all your answers. So I'm going to take a look at what you suggested

BlitzCoder commented:

Adding some info here: the error you encountered and posted there is most likely that DirectPlay is not installed (by default if you're using Windows 10/11).

It's under Turn Windows features on or off then Legacy Components

Welcome to the forums 🎉

Shoqapik commented:

Thank you for your answer, I'll check it !

markcwm commented:

If you have to much trouble with networking in Blitz3d there is always AGK2, it's up-to-date and does everything you need.

BlitzCoder commented:

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