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👉 BlitzCoder will be building a new platform and other plans to preserve and continue the Blitz legacy.

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  • With Ogre3D now at the helm as the Graphics Renderer, DirectX9 and Up 😉 will now be accessible (Shaders/Features).
  • Pickup where we left off with the Community Edition project, tailor made or in line with the roadmap updates.
  • In the meantime, BlitzOgre should work with Blitz3D v1.10x and Up.
  • Big update or overhaul on the Networking/Multiplayer aspect of Blitz3D.
  • 2D should not be a problem child, so the majority or relevant commands will be slowly but surely ported, starting with the Text function that has been part of recent demos.

Most are originally from Blast3D's roadmap, so these updates and upcoming features will be carried over to Blast3D 🚀

A closer look into the details and other new exciting features will be lined up on BlitzOgre From 10,000 Feet ✈ 🛫 soon on BlitzOgre forums.

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CraigTheCoder commented:

One of my gripes about Blitz3D is that in order to keep the 2D displays from slowing the 3D game down, you have to delegate 2D drawing to a texture, or conserve the primitive/text drawing commands down to a dozen. I'm also glad you can support DirectX now. My PC doesn't play nice with OpenGL(some integrated GFX chips only display black meshes in OpenGL). It's one of the reasons I still use Blitz3D today, as I came from the Godot engine which is a good engine, that sadly only supports OpenGL for rendering.

I believe in Blast3D and can't wait to see what else you've done.

BlitzCoder commented:

Yes, 2D/Text will perform much better now. It's integrated to the renderer as an overlay so it can also be placed anywhere in the main loop. :)

I got an integrated gpu as well and also had some OpenGL issues, so yes DirectX 9 and up is here.

Cheers Craig and more updates very soon!

Welcome Aboard 🎉

BlitzCoder commented:

Hey Craig
btw, any problems with OpenGL when running the Blast3D samples?

CraigTheCoder commented:

RonTek, I don't seem to have any display issues when running samples. I'm surprised. Are they rendering through OpenGL? Every other OGL app I run displays back meshes(such as Godot).

BlitzCoder commented:

That's good to know. I see and yes, they are OpenGL. The issue could be just specific opengl engine renderer stuff.

As I mentioned previously and another case, I used to run Max3D and its samples just fine on my old setup with dedicated gpu before,

but now most of them turned up with some fuzzy noises or blocky pixels overlayed on top and on screen:

CraigTheCoder commented:

Yikes. I just get black meshes which makes developing in 3D impossible in engines like Godot.

But still, I'd like a DX9+ rendering option. Keep up the good work regardless.

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