My Game COMA Made Using Blitz3D

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Tweet 3d game-design

Hello, I'm making a horror game called "COMA" please check it out and if you have suggestions then I'm all for it :)


ceeminus commented:

getting some scp vibe

Loud64 commented:

i updated the death function, and added an interaction feature in the game.

RemiD commented:

the walking style with slow pace, and dark atmosphere, reminds me of 'shadow tower' on ps1...

Loud64 commented:

Added Bumpmaps And Health Into My Game Thanks To @RonTek And @RemiD

fox95871 commented:

This has a superb depth rarely seen in COMMERCIAL games. Even if the entire game is centered around the realism of using just a few effects, but using them this well, it will be more memorable I think, than games that saturate the player with the typical "too much is not enough" approach. I look forward to your updates :)

Grindalf commented:

This has major scp or silent hill vibes. Awesome work

Loud64 commented:

@fox95871 sorry for late response, unfortunately haven't been able to work on the game more often since i have exams to focus on, but i will make an update soon enough, and maybe a map update.

fox95871 commented:

No rush, taking your time makes your work shine.

Hey, I was thinking maybe you should make it be about the character going to a liminal copy of the world. Liminal spaces are popular on Youtube now, not that I'd do it for that reason, but purely because it's so engrossing. Anyway, just my thoughts. Oh, and I didn't really mean "you should", just that I have a lot of story ideas like that if you ever need any :)

"Should"... when I always just do whatever I WANT when it comes to my own game designs. Even if it means ending up with zero fans, that's more than enough for me XD

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