Compilation Problem

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I opened any of the sample projects and waited for a long time to compile for android, but stuck at 61%, it doesn't compile, I waited a long time, I can't understand why this is happening


also i did the android configs properly


BlitzCoder commented:

There should be some kind of error that will show so it seemed it is not yet set up properly in your case.

Also I'd recommend building your app in windows target first to make sure you got no issues with your code.

For that, BlitzMax DX also needs a MinGW compiler. I'd recommend TDM MinGW 5.1.

Once you got that sorted out, the Mojo2 and SDL2.mod have a few android compatible examples for you to move into.

coder1448 commented:

Building breakout
Cannot find a valid GCC compiler. Please check your paths and environment.
Process complete

I keep getting errors, I want to tell you about the situation in particular, I don't know in which area I am making a mistake, all packages have paths, but while working on the sample project, I get an error on any platform.

coder1448 commented:

build for windows was successful then when i tried to compile for android i got error
I think the SDL package is missing. I found the sdlrendermax2d package and threw it into the sdl package and it gave different errors. Can you give me a modpack with everything complete?

markcwm commented:

Hi, I think you have those modules in the wrong directory, they should be in sdl.mod not mod. That's why they won't build.

BlitzCoder commented:

Yes as Mark already mentioned there, you just did not unpack the zip the right way.

sdl.sdlrendermax2d translates to sdl.mod/sdlrendermax2d.mod

If you're not familiar or just new to BlitzMax, the folder hierarchy simply follows the namespace.

coder1448 commented:

Is there a folder with all the modules as there are missing packages? It will be difficult to download them all one by one where can I find all the module folders for this (folder.mod)
I want to download these modules in archived form and extract them in the specified file directory.

BlitzCoder commented:

You can look into:

You have to keep the available packages in the DX thread as is and not update it as they are already tested to work.

As for SDL, it's all in there posted in separated topics and the android dev pack as I recall.

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