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BlitzCoder Indie Game Jam 2023

If you are an indie game developer with a game that you finished this or last year (or are still working on one but have a demo) then you are welcome to join and submit an entry to this topic before 1 November 2023. Cash prizes will be $50 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places (small competitions have small prizes). The 1st place winner will get a license for Spine2D Professional. All winners will get a very small cup or medal beside their Blitzcoder forum avatar. Last year's winners were: Spoonweaver (1st), MrmediamanX (2nd) and Numari (3rd). Thanks to everyone who participated.

Voting will take place from November 1 and last for 30 days. A voting topic will be opened at that time.

There is no restriction on what development tool you can use and it doesn't matter if it is 2D or 3D. It can be only the demo or a complete game, but it must be playable on Windows, MacOS or Linux (i.e. desktop, even though there is an Android emulator I haven't tried it yet). To qualify entries should be posted to this topic before November 1. If you have any questions just ask here, also read the competition rules.

Submitted Entries

Punk Porker by MrmediamanX [Windows] {Blitz3D-NG}

Slender Forest by Loud64 [Windows] {Blitz3D}

A Little Thing Made Out Of Clay by ilias [Windows] {Unreal Engine 4}

Halloween Shooter 3D by RemiD [Windows] {Blitz3D}

Roller Toaster Cytoon 2.0 by tmc [Windows] {FreeBASIC}


Loud64 commented:

im new to, i dont know how to post on this topic.

MrmediamanX commented:

Author: MrmediamanX of 3MX digital
Game submitted: PUNK PORKER
Tools used: Blitz3d-X,Mspaint
IOS format: Windows/PC
Extras requirements: none
Addition credits: PLAYONLOOP.COM


markcwm commented:

Hi Loud64,

you just need to provide a link to a webpage with all the information about the game there. If it's just a link to a zip file then it's not a valid entry.

Loud64 commented:

thanks markcwm, hope this is a valid entry!

Developer: Loud64/Essam Shqairat
Engine: Blitz3D

BlitzCoder commented:

Additionally, Spine2D Professional will be awarded to 1st Place winner.

Thanks to Luke and Esoteric Software. 👏👏👏

RemiD commented:

i am working on a game (made with Blitz3d), and i hope to finish a complete enough version before the end of october, to submit it here.

RemiD commented:

The "game jam" will end on 1 November.
Voting will then start and last 30 days.
Late entries will be accepted but obviously this will affect how many votes you get.
Any development language or tool may be used but your game or demo should be playable on Windows, MacOS or Linux.
Only games that were released this year, or since July of last year, should be considered a valid entry.
The sponsor reserves the right to decide if an entry is invalid.

is it ok if i create a game for this competition on blitzcoder, but i also submit it for another competition on another website ? (made with blitz3d)

ilias commented:

I am ilias , an indie video game developer that tries to create valuable and entertaining content .
My game is A Little Thing Made Out OF Clay , it's a 3D Puzzle Platformer and it's playable on Windows

Developer: Ilias/Ilias's Crafts And Toys
Engine: The Unreal engine 4
Game Submitted: A Little Thing Made Out OF Clay
Link to My game :

In Game Screenshot Picture :

Ilias-Ilias's Crafts And Toys
Thank you .

markcwm commented:

Hi ilias,
welcome to our tiny game jam, thanks for your entry. It looks great and fun to play, lots of cool effects in there, well done.

ilias commented:

Thank you Mark , i just saw your message , sorry for my late response ,
it was my submission to the epic mega jam for this year and i am still waiting too it's results , i just had 7 days and 7 nights , i intend to edit it quit in a deeper way when i can
Thank you again .

_Ilias .

RemiD commented:

here is my 'game' for this competition :

'halloween shooter 3D'
made using Blitz3d, Fragmotion, Photofiltre

link to download :

screenshot :

it is far from finished, i started just 6 days ago, because my other (helicopter) game was also far from finished, but i prefer to submit a unique game dedicated for this forum.

well it is better than nothing i suppose.

next time i will do better.

tmc commented:

Hi all! Saw this jam advertised on the FreeBASIC forums.

A very last-minute entry by myself and Artimus Bena (well, you didn't specify a timezone...). This game was created earlier this year for the OHRRPGCE Ridiculous Games Contest, and we've now heavily updated it. This jam was the motivation I needed, thanks.
Due to the origin of the game it contains a lot of bad jokes and foul lanugage, I disclaim all blame.

Made with the OHRRPGCE (written in FreeBASIC).

Roller Toaster Cytoon 2.0

Download: Windows (35MB)
WinXP or later. If you wish to play on Mac or Linux you can download a "ohrrpgce-player-" package here

Loud64 commented:

my game is trash asf, 99.9% it will get last place XD

RemiD commented:

don't worry, the last places are for the games not made with blitz3d or blitzmax, because they have nothing to do here.

i am becoming 'communitarian', oups

Grindalf commented:

Shame I missed this.
The last week I have been throwing an open source version of dungeons of Mysteria together and it should be finished in the next few days.

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