PUNK_PORKER third person shooter

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PUNK_PORKER[3mx_digital 2023]

Author: MrmediamanX of 3mx_digital


W/A/S/D keys = Move






It was a fine ol' day in Porktain till mob of chavs began messing things up.

Now Punk Porker is right pissed and plans on destroying those nasty chavs

all the while bringing punk back into fashion.


collect the keys in order to unlock the colored doors while you shoot the enemies and avoid

being hit which will reduce your score or dying. Losing all 3 lives will result in a game over.


create by: 3MX DIGITAL.


Link: https://mrmediamanx.itch.io/pork-punker


ceeminus commented:

cool i can see you have your own art style in these games you make.

markcwm commented:

Hi MrMediaman,

this looks like fun, I always like your games. I don't like the music but I never was a punker.

Is this intended as an entry to the Blitzcoder Game Competiton 2023? If yes then I'd better put a page up. I'm late for it this year.

Edit: done... BlitzCoder Indie Game Jam 2023

MrmediamanX commented:

@ceeminus​ Cheers, I tend to use Mspaint for the toon 2d stuff as its limitation force's coming up with a consistent style and technique.
@markcwm Sure If it qualifes for entry, I'm cool with it and will always find time to enter any Blitzcoder Game Competition.

RemiD commented:

@MrmediamanX>> another cool blitz3d game. simple gameplay but fun to play and homemade original graphics.
congrats !

one bug / mistake that i have noticed :
the shaking effect when firing a weapon, is only triggered when an enemy is hit, whereas it should be when the weapon is fired ?

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