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👉 BlitzCoder will be building a new platform and other plans to preserve and continue the Blitz legacy.

To be able to achieve this goal, we need your support by becoming a Patreon Paid Member 👈


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With the recent development, changes and new roadmap, I will be updating and adding a Patreon plan specifically for Blast3D as the project needs more support financially for me to continue with its development.

The new plan would be $99/year, where you can subscribe to Blast3D's Stable Releases for 1 Year and receive Early Access to upcoming preview releases starting from Build 32323 v0.5.

Once Blast3D hits stable or Version 1.0, the yearly subscription will be $120/year. So for early access Patreon adopters, the $99/year will still be in place perpetually.

It's worth noting that this plan and offer is solely for Blast3D preview releases along with the 1st year stable and yearly subscription.

So Blitz related Patreon Goals still remain in place with perks already set for each tier and plan. If you are a patreon supporter that currently supports solely for this community site and not anything to do with Blast3D, you can disregard this offer and continue with your support. However, you will still receive access by the time your patreon contribution accumulates to a 1 year subscription plan (starting this May 2023).

Blast3D Tier Goals:
Phase 1: 5 member opt-ins for the v0.5 Development and Preview Release
Phase 2: 5 member opt-ins for the v0.8 Development and Preview Release
Phase 3: 10 member opt-ins for the v1.0 Development and Stable Release

Opt-in members may or may not disclose their handle or username, but the opt-in progress will be updated here.
There will still be executable and patreon only demos that will or might coincide with upcoming preview videos.

Blast3D on Patreon starts May 1st!

Thank you for considering the support of the development of Blast3D. I hope you'll join me on this journey towards Blast3D 1.0! 🚀

Get Blast3D Early Access + Stable ReleaseOne Time Only
The best way to make a one-time payment is to sign up and then cancel the membership after you've been charged.
You'll know when your payment has gone through because you'll receive an email confirmation.

Note: This thread is specifically for Patreon related questions and Blast3D releases from v0.5 and up. For other topics, reply on the appropriate topic or thread.

BlitzCoder commented:

Link is now up! Blast3D v0.5 (Build 32323) release will be one month after the Phase 1 goal above is reached.

BlitzCoder commented:

BlastBasic v1.0.0 Release Candidate is now up.

More details here

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