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(Posted 2 years ago) RonTek

Flow (Flexible Lightweight Ogre Wrapper) 3D is an Ogre wrapper and game dev framework

Flow3D - Official BitBucket Repository

About Flow3D

"Flow (Flexible Lightweight Ogre Wrapper) 3D is an Ogre wrapper and game dev framework that includes Ogre for rendering, Newton for physics, CEGUI for skinned UI design, works with MaxGUI for OS native GUI creation similar to WXWidgets. Has Ofusion pro sceneloaders plus custom callbacks. Flow3D also comes with FlowED scene editor"

Flow3D - Compositors Demo
BlitzCoder.org - Flow3D Compositors Demo

Flow3D - Robot Tank Game Demo
BlitzCoder.org - Flow3D Robot Tank Game Demo

Flow3D - Jenga Demo
BlitzCoder.org - Flow3D Jenga Demo

Flow3D - Soft Shadows Demo
BlitzCoder.org - Flow3D Soft Shadows Demo

Flow3D - Physics Character Demo
BlitzCoder.org - Flow3D Soft Shadows Demo

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Update: Flow3D is now MIT!

Hey guys,

While building this site, I have reached out to Lina a few weeks ago about Flow3D's unclear open source licensing, got her response today and so now it's finally decided..

Many thanks to Lina and enjoy Flow3D!

(Posted 2 years ago) Bethleem commented:


I have seen Dark Realm Game Studio (DRGS), but it´s not possible to comment on that, so. xD
It looks pretty awesome, so I have a pair of doubts:
Will be DRGS MIT licensed as Flow3D or commercial?
Will it work with BlitzMax NG? If so, windows only or could another platforms as android been targeted?



(Posted 2 years ago) RonTek commented:

Hey there Bethleem! First off, Welcome to the forums! Thanks, appreciate your very positive feedback and for your first question about licensing, I don't recall any discussion and decision from AKNightHawk about open sourcing the code as this is planned to be put up as a Patreon funded project when it's ready with the early/beta version of the editor and newer features. It's also too early to decide so things might change and so let's see how it goes. :) The project is currently put on hold which reminds me to check with him about this and will keep you posted as soon as we have new development. Platform is currently on Windows only and there is a possibility of BlitzMax-NG and 64-bit support.

About the DRGS post, yes it's a worklog entry which can be treated as a project author's progress log. With that said, you can always post related questions in a new thread or existing post discussion like this one that you did.

Btw, have you already tried Flow3D? how was it? Do you also have a short list/details on what you currently need as features for your proposed game or project? Let me know.

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