Finite State Machine Tutorial

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Finite State Machine tutorial and framework by Kevin Lee Legge

; **************************************************************************************************
; Finite State Machine tutorial by Kevin Lee Legge ([email protected])
; **************************************************************************************************
; ************************************** DEFINITION ************************************************
; A Finite State Machine (FSM) is an artificial intelligence method where the AI is in a series
; of "states". For game playing some of the most common states are: IDLE, HUNGRY, SEARCHING
; There are two stages in the FSM - the "transistion" stage and the "behavior" stage.
; The transistion stage is where the AI's state is checked to see if the AI is in transistion
; from one state to another. That is, if the AI is in the IDLE state and is being attacked, then
; its state will be changing to ATTACKING or RUNNING or, perhaps, DYING.
; The behavior stage is where the action is. This part of the code instructs the AI on
; what to do according to what state it's currently in. For example, if the AI is currently in the
; SEARCHING state, then the behavior stage calls whatever searching functions are set up in the
; code.
; There are currently two schools of thought regarding FSM. The first regards the Behavior stage as
; completely adequate by itself, without bothering with any transistions. The second regards
; the transistion AND behavior stages as part of a whole.
; I, personally, subscribe to the idea that the FSM must have both transistion and behavior stages.
; **************************************************************************************************
Graphics3D 800,600,0,2
SetBuffer BackBuffer()

SeedRnd MilliSecs()

; **************************************************************************************************
;                                          CONSTANTS
; **************************************************************************************************

Const IDLE      = 0
Const DYING     = 3

Const ENEMY_TYPE  = 2
Const CUBE_TYPE   = 3

; **************************************************************************************************
;                                            TYPES
; **************************************************************************************************

Type enemy
    Field entity      ; the AI's mesh
    Field state       ; what state the AI is currently in
    Field life#       ; how much life the AI has
    Field range#      ; the AI's search range
    Field bad.player  ; use to store handle of AI's enemy (ie., the player)
    Field x#,y#,z#    ; the AI's location
    Field vx#,vy#,vz# ; the AI's velocity
End Type

Type player
    Field entity
    Field x#,y#,z#
End Type

; **************************************************************************************************
;                                      GLOBAL VARIABLES
; **************************************************************************************************

Global age  ; use to age the enemy so that it transistions into its DYING state
Global alpha# = 1
Global eState$ ; holds enemy's state for printing purposes

; Create the ground
Global plane = CreatePlane()
EntityType plane,GROUND_TYPE
EntityColor plane,85,85,85
PositionEntity plane,0,0,0

; Create the enemy
Global enemy.enemy = New enemy
enemy\entity = CreateSphere()
EntityRadius enemy\entity,1
EntityType enemy\entity,ENEMY_TYPE
EntityShininess enemy\entity,1
enemy\x# = Rnd(-200,200)
enemy\y# = 2
enemy\z# = Rnd(-200,200)
enemy\state = IDLE
enemy\life# = 100.0
enemy\range# = 50.0
age = MilliSecs()
PositionEntity enemy\entity,enemy\x#,enemy\y#,enemy\z#

; Create the player
Global player.player = New player
player\entity = CreateCamera()
EntityRadius player\entity,1
EntityType player\entity,PLAYER_TYPE
PositionEntity player\entity,player\x#,player\y#,player\z#

; Create the light
Global light = CreateLight()
PositionEntity light,100,100,100
RotateEntity light,90,0,0

; Populate the world with some cubes
For c=1 To 25
    EntityColor cube,0,87,0
    EntityType cube,CUBE_TYPE
    PositionEntity cube,Rand(-200,200),1,Rand(-200,200)


MoveMouse GraphicsWidth()/2,GraphicsHeight()/2

While Not KeyHit(1)
If KeyDown(200) Then MoveEntity player\entity,0,0,.3
If KeyDown(208) Then MoveEntity player\entity,0,0,-.3
If KeyDown(203) Then TurnEntity player\entity,0,1,0
If KeyDown(205) Then TurnEntity player\entity,0,-1,0

TranslateEntity player\entity,0,-1,0 ; give player some gravity
If enemy <> Null Then TranslateEntity enemy\entity,0,-1,0 ; same with the enemy

MoveMouse GraphicsWidth()/2,GraphicsHeight()/2
TurnEntity player\entity,mys#,mxs#,0
RotateEntity player\entity,EntityPitch#(player\entity),EntityYaw#(player\entity),0
If EntityPitch#(player\entity)>80 Then RotateEntity player\entity,80,0,0
If EntityPitch#(player\entity)<-80 Then RotateEntity player\entity,-80,0,0

FSM_Transistion() ; check to see if there are any state transistions
FSM_Behavior()    ; now do the code, depending on the state the AI is in

Text 0,0,"I'm "+eState$
Delay 10
FreeEntity player\entity
Delete player

; **************************************************************************************************
;                                             FUNCTIONS
; **************************************************************************************************

Function FSM_Transistion()
; this function determines whether or not the AI is in transistion from one state to another
For this.enemy = Each enemy ; iterate through each enemy AI
    Select this\state
        Case IDLE           
            EntityColor this\entity,0,255,0
            p.player = getEnemyDistance(this) ; check to see if player is in sensory range
            If p <> Null  Then                ; we see the player!
                this\state = ATTACKING        ; we transistion to the attack state
                this\bad = p                  ; make sure that we store player internally
            ElseIf MilliSecs() > age+50000 Then ; are we about to die of old age (50 seconds)?
                this\state = DYING              ; yes? Then transistion to dying state
                age = MilliSecs()               ; not needed, really, but what the heck :)
            End If
        Case SEARCHING
            EntityColor this\entity,2550,0,255
            p.player = getEnemyDistance(this) ; again, check to see if player is nearby
            If p <> Null Then                 ; yes? 
                this\state = ATTACKING        ; then transistion to attack state
                this\bad = p
            ElseIf MilliSecs() > age+50000 Then ; are we dying of old age?
                this\state = DYING              ; yep...then we transistion
                age = MilliSecs()
            End If
        Case ATTACKING
            EntityColor this\entity,255,0,0
            p.player = getEnemyDistance(this)   ; even though we are in attacking state, we need to
                                                ; make sure that player is still in range
            If p <> Null Then                   ; yes?
                this\state = ATTACKING          ; Houston, we have liftoff...we attack!
                this\bad = p
            ElseIf MilliSecs() > age+50000 Then ; else, are we dying?
                this\state = DYING              ; if so, then die already!
                age = MilliSecs()
                this\state = SEARCHING          ; else let's go to the searching state
                this\bad = Null                 ; no bad player here, so make it null
            End If
        Case DYING                              ; we are dying
            EntityColor this\entity,45,45,45
    End Select
End Function

Function FSM_Behavior()
; this function reroutes according to which state the AI is in
For this.enemy = Each enemy ; iterate through the enemy
    Select this\state
        Case IDLE
            this\state = SEARCHING ; idle is so boring...let's search, instead
        Case SEARCHING
            patrol(this) ; do our patrol
        Case ATTACKING
            attack(this) ; attack!
        Case DYING
            die(this)    ; well, it's been real
            alpha#=alpha# - .001 ; this is to fade out the enemy
    End Select

End Function

Function patrol(e.enemy)
; put patrol code here
eState$ = "patrolling"
; let's have the enemy move around a little bit
MoveEntity e\entity,0,0,.2
If Rand(255)=17 Then RotateEntity e\entity,0,EntityYaw#(e\entity)+5,0
End Function

Function attack(e.enemy)
; put attack code here
eState$ = "attacking"
; just to show how to implement the attack state
; this is NOT my normal attack function! :)
PointEntity e\entity,player\entity
MoveEntity e\entity,0,0,.2
End Function

Function die(e.enemy)
; we are dying now
eState$ = "dying"
EntityAlpha e\entity,alpha#
If alpha# <= 0 Then
    FreeEntity e\entity
    Delete e
    eState$=" more enemies left"
End If
End Function

Function getEnemyDistance.player(e.enemy)
; function to determine if player is in AI's sensory range
For p.player = Each player ; iterate through all the players
    If p <> Null Then      ; hey, do we have a player?
        If EntityDistance#(e\entity,p\entity)<=e\range# Then ; he/she in range?
            Return p   ; yes? Then return the player
        End If
    End If
End Function

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