OpenB3D collision between 2 Cubes - Help needed?

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Hi! Can anyone sponsor a bit of example code that shows how to set up collision between 2 sets of cubes?

Basically I have a border for a level made of grey cubes. I have colored cubes that need to collide with the grey cubes but when they collide they must stop moving. I've got it all set up nice but I've never used OpenB3D before so need some help.

In brief:

1: How do I set up collision between 2 cubes using maybe box collision?


I would have posted it on SyntaxBomb but it's been hacked again and is currently down.

markcwm commented:

The built-in collision system works exactly like Blitz3D as it was ported to MiniB3D and then OpenB3D.

There were a few bugs but these have been fixed. So you should be able to port working code from Blitz3D and it should work right in OpenB3D.

There's nothing different in the usage, see the collisions example taken from Blitz3D.

BlitzCoder commented:

Yes, basically the same collisions, but lately I have tested on the collision checks part and commands like EntityCollided..

it seems Blitz3D can do both ways while OpenB3D checks it only on the moving entity side which is practically enough:

Can you confirm this Mark? I would also say the same with collision normals.

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