Hi, any idea about "reading" a disk drive in binary mode?

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Hi to everyone, can be very helpful if anyone can pin point me to older discussions or code or anything that can be related to access a disk drive in a low level mode (just taking bytes from it)
i searched old forum and other forum but i found "NOTHING" :(
maybe this is not possible with NG?
thank you in advance!

markcwm commented:

Hi vasile,

as far as I know this isn't possible with Blitzmax built-in commands, it can only access files.

So you would have to wrap a library (or module) that added this function but I've never heard of one.

druggedbunny983 commented:

Low-level disk access like that generally isn't supported nowadays, but (assuming Windows) try this -- you probably need to be admin and I'm on Windows 7 but likely still works...

If c_drive

    Print "Opened disk as file!"

    Local bytes:String

    For Local loop:Int = 0 Until 1024
        Local b:Byte = ReadByte (c_drive)
        bytes = bytes + "[" + Hex (b) + "] "

    CloseStream c_drive

    Print bytes


Read disk as file...

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