Hi, any idea about "reading" a disk drive in binary mode?


Hi to everyone, can be very helpful if anyone can pin point me to older discussions or code or anything that can be related to access a disk drive in a low level mode (just taking bytes from it)
i searched old forum and other forum but i found "NOTHING" :(
maybe this is not possible with NG?
thank you in advance!

markcwm commented:

Hi vasile,

as far as I know this isn't possible with Blitzmax built-in commands, it can only access files.

So you would have to wrap a library (or module) that added this function but I've never heard of one.

druggedbunny983 commented:

Low-level disk access like that generally isn't supported nowadays, but (assuming Windows) try this -- you probably need to be admin and I'm on Windows 7 but likely still works...

If c_drive

    Print "Opened disk as file!"

    Local bytes:String

    For Local loop:Int = 0 Until 1024
        Local b:Byte = ReadByte (c_drive)
        bytes = bytes + "[" + Hex (b) + "] "

    CloseStream c_drive

    Print bytes


Read disk as file...

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