Team Asphalt for 2023

👉 BlitzCoder will be building a new platform and other plans to preserve and continue the Blitz legacy.

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..I meant a new theme for this site named Asphalt will be replacing the default Granite which is still an option.

This Asphalt theme will have a modern look and feel with a new wip logo and eventually have exclusive features.

Heads up! 😊

BlitzCoder commented:

Update 1:
I will be pushing back Granite in the back seat for now while beginning to test out this new theme, so expect some gradual updates on this soon.

BlitzCoder commented:

Update 2:
Title links will now light up again for new replies, so if you have visited or just read topic with new comments from other members, the link will go back to the original brighter link color indicating that it has new replies that you haven't checked out yet.

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