Winners of our first BlitzCoder Indie Game Jam 2022

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BlitzCoder Indie Game Jam 2022

And the winners are in!

Well done to our winning participants and thanks to everyone who took part, I'm sure you all worked very hard.

The votes were weighted as follows 1st = 9, 2nd = 5 and 3rd = 3 (so that two 2nd beat one 1st and two 3rd beat one 2nd).


1st Place: Tim-Tim 2: The Almighty Gnome
Author: Spoonweaver
Points breakdown: 1st = 1, 2nd = 1, 3rd = 1 (Total 17)

2nd Place: Fast Food Ex
Author: MrmediamanX
Points breakdown: 1st = 1, 2nd = 0, 3rd = 1 (Total 12)

3rd Place: Numari
Author: nortey
Points breakdown: 1st = 1, 2nd = 0, 3rd = 0 (Total 9)

There were only 3 voters but that was just enough to decide the winners. The voters were: Grindalf, MrmediamanX and myself. Thanks very much guys.

So my congratulations to Spoonweaver for a great little game which I had quite a bit of fun playing. A very polished, cute and inventive platformer which is not too easy and not too hard. I must go and play Tim-Tim 1 now.

The winners will receive their much deserved winnings by Paypal very soon!

BlitzCoder commented:

Congratulations to SpoonWeaver for bagging 1st place and to the winners and of course thanks to all participants! 👏👏👏

Software prize licenses will be sent via email the soonest time possible!

MrmediamanX commented:

Congratulations everyone.
Cash prize winning appointed to me can go back into the pot or divide amongst the other winning participants. it's cool.

Spoonweaver commented:

thanks to anyone and everyone that played my game, this means so much to me!

Grindalf commented:

I think next time it should only be Marks vote and not everybody voting.

markcwm commented:

MrmediamanX really? OK well that's very generous of you. Thanks. I guess I'll save that for next year's winners.

Spoonweaver, have you checked your email?

Grindalf, no that would be terribly boring if only I got to vote. The point is for everyone to weigh in, so there is less personal bias.

Spoonweaver commented:

I got all the software codes via email, thank you!
Now time to look through all this new stuff.

Loud64 commented:


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