Poll Feature (Beta) is now Live!

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You can now create polls and surveys with this new feature. ๐Ÿ“Š

Just add the polls tag under Tags field to convert your topic into a poll.

How To Use

  1. The poll question can be placed in the post title and also rephrased in the description.
  2. The topic or post message should only consist of 1 paragraph for more detail and description. See example below.
  3. Poll choices should be formatted as a numbered list like this list. A minimum of 2 choices and 5-6 max. See example below.
  4. You can only view the results once you voted.
  5. The submit button will only appear once you made a choice. Once submitted, you cannot change your vote.
  6. You can also vote on your own poll.
  7. You can add more choices, but once a vote is casted in an option, the ID will be permanent on that option so don't shuffle your choices mid way.
  8. Create or conduct polls sparingly!


  • Level 2 members (20 posts) and Up are only allowed to create polls, but any member can vote (for now).

To Do

  • Settingย a poll public or private (author can only view results).
  • Set the poll expiration (week, month)

Since this is still in beta, the mechanics and rules are subject to changes.

Sample template (example only no need to enclose in code)

What is your favorite Blitz Tool?

1. Blitz3D
2. BlitzPlus
3. BlitzMax
4. Monkey

Happy Polling! ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ“

Grindalf commented:

If the example is a working poll I cant vote, Must be broken on Edge.
I will try logging in on chrome or firefox and see what happens.
EDIT: the console poll works fine, I assume this here is not a real poll

BlitzCoder commented:

the console poll works fine, I assume this here is not a real poll

yes that's the first one, updated the post as the above is template only.

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