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Hi everyone,
it's been years again that I've touched BlitzMax and my old machine had died a while back.
Now I'm trying to resume coding on Verve (painter), but for the life of me I cannot find the tablet mod anymore. If there was a new mod for graphics tablets out there, I'd be extra thrilled, but just to find the old one would help a lot already.

If anyone knows anything, this would be awesome!

Thanks in advance

  markcwm commented:

Hi Taron,

welcome, it's good to see you still have some time for software dev.

The tablet mod was written by the legendary Fredborg and I found a copy of v1.01 on my usb drive link which I think was the last update.

I have loads of other old Blitz files too, I really should organize it all.

Taron commented:

Oh wow, I absolutely missed your reply.
THANK YOU! I did dig it up in my old backups after all.

However, I'm still looking for a NG (64bit) version of it. I'm even looking into trying to write my own mod for it, but somehow keep slacking off when it comes to that. If anyone has done it already, I'd love to spare my self the humiliation of trying it, haha.

Anyway, thanks again, that's super sweet! ...and sorry for the late reaction.

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