SoftPixel Engine Wrapper for Blitz3D

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(Posted 2 years ago) RonTek

A high-level real-time 3d engine written in C++ for Windows and Linux.

Project Site:

Direct Download

Community Version Download (Updated with BlitzMax Mod Wrapper by Kryzon)

The SoftPixel Engine is very easy to handle such as the getting started example shows. With one function you can create the following 'primitive' objects:
cube, cone, cylinder, sphere, icosphere, torus (ring), torusknot, pipe, spiral, disk, plane, tetrahedron, cuboctahedron, octahedron, odecahedron, icosahedron, teapot ("Utah" teapot), supershape.

It is also very easy to use the virtual-reality. You can use a 3d glasses with the red-/ and the green glace.

Write applications with the simplicity of Basic languages but the power of C++ and OpenGL!

(Posted 2 years ago) markcwm commented:

Nice little engine, I like the soft shadows and the water, also the Newton physics, all things currently lacking in Openb3d. I must take a look at it!

(Posted 2 years ago) RonTek commented:

Yes, it is another nifty piece of a 3D engine! Too bad LukasBanana already discontinued work, anyway it's a great Blitz3D alternative and also with BlitzMax. Having a quick check, the shadows only supports spotlights/pointlights and the DX11 driver was experimental and not complete.

I have decided and already uploaded a community version here with Kryzon's BMX mod wrapper included from the old forums, updated link above as well.

(Posted 1 year ago) emmcequadrat commented:

Just tried to compile and run the Water Simulation demo. Seems that somehow the WaterPixelShader does not do his job, because the water plane is just textured with WaterSurfaceMap - no bum, no reflection, no refraction.
Any idea what could cause this behavior? Would really love to play around with this stuff a bit :)

Blitz 1.108
Windows 10 Home 64 Bit, Version 1809
Intel HD Graphics / NVIDIA GTX 1060

(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek commented:

Hey emmcequadrat, Welcome to the Forums!

I have not checked thoroughly on that particular demo, but I did find it odd why it was not working when it is included in the package in the first place.

Also running the actual latest SDK 3.2 water shader example works great, but seeing the shader code you may notice that the implementation is very different from the wrapper example.


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