Problem with MiniB3D

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i have installed BlitzmaxNG and MiniB3D, so far so good.
The most examples doesn´t work, i think this is a little different between NG an Vanilla, but the question I have:

is there a working example for BiltzmaxNG, with a mix of Mini3B3D and the Maxgui or another GUI??


markcwm commented:

I didn't realize the Minib3d examples don't work in NG. What version of NG are you using? The latest?

There is a working Maxgui example in the Minib3d examples folder, there is another good gui for Bmax called ifsogui which has been integrated with Bmax Openb3d. It wouldn't be that much work to port it over to Minib3d, it only has one skin though.

To try it, build Openb3d.mod and Ifsogui.mod and then drop somewhere and run the examples in the ifsogui folder.

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