Cartography Shop - A good, working 3D World Studio alternative

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So recently when I was browsing for a 3D World Studio patch, I came across Cartography Shop. It's a CSG map editor with B3D and X export capability, functions similar to 3D World Studio, and it actually works on Windows versions later than 7!

Heres an archived download I put on my website:

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you install it, make sure to disable the ability for users to write to the install folder. If you don't, whenever it tries to save the settings, it completely erases the settings file, which will break the program.

BlitzCoder commented:

Thanks for sharing Veinhelm and Welcome to the forums

Veinhelm commented:

Ok so, I found that disabling user access makes the lightmapper not work. So, enable user access on the CS install, and create a copy of the "settings.cs" file and name it "settings_default.cs".

Then, create a batch file where your install is, add the code below, and run it every time you close CS.

del "settings.cs"
copy "settings_default.cs" "settings.cs"

I know you could just do it manually, but this is quicker.

Kato commented:

On my homepage some time ago i uploaded this program with more examples files and others features. [], i never thinking about create a batch file, thanks for the tip.

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