BlitzCoder Indie Game Competition 2022 ⚡

(Posted 1 month ago) markcwm

The BlitzCoder Indie Game Competition 2022 is now open, cue dramatic music! What no music, alright never mind...

If you are an independent game developer with a game just finished this year or are still working on one then you are welcome to join and submit your entry before 31 October 2022. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded $125 each. Winners will also receive a license for Unwrap3D Pro (1st and 2nd) and Unwrap3D SE for 3rd, as well as a license for TimelineFX. Many thanks to the sponsors.

Voting will take place from November 1 and last for 2 weeks. Voters can vote for their 3 favorite entries but participants can't vote for themselves, obviously. Votes should be ordered 1st, 2nd, 3rd and if you like you can also rate them as listed in the competition rules.

There is no restriction on what development tool you are using and it doesn't matter if it is 2D or 3D. It can just be a demo or the full game, free or commercial but it should be playable on a desktop OS. Entries should be posted in this topic before November with your game title, download link and optional screenshot. If you have any questions just ask but questions about the rules should be posted in the competition rules.

So start your engines! Or something...

If you would like to vote you will need to be a known Blitzcoder member, if you use another development forum you will need to introduce yourself so we know a little about you and the best place to do that is in this topic. Participants don't have to do this.

(Posted 1 month ago) Pebender commented:


it must be a game or can it be a desktop app with GUI and so on??


(Posted 1 month ago) markcwm commented:

Well, it can be a game made with a GUI instead of a graphics window, but it must be a game. I've added a definition of game to the rules.

Game will mean a computer game in 2D, 3D or even GUI that is controlled by a user input device for the sake of fun.

(Posted 1 month ago) Pebender commented:

ok, sry i´m out...

(Posted 1 week ago) MrmediamanX commented:

I guess I'm in.

(Posted 1 week ago) markcwm commented:

Hi Mediamanx,

that's good to know, will you be working on the same game as in "The six sides of Qube" compo? Or should I not ask?

(Posted 1 week ago) MrmediamanX commented:

A completely new one for this comp.
Will there be any specific theme for this?

(Posted 1 week ago) markcwm commented:

Nope, it's just a general game competition with no real rules, it's really just to bring together whatever is being made this year.

(Posted 1 week ago) RonTek commented:

Hey Mark, I would assume Javascript/Browser games count as playable in Desktop OS. Android games can also be played using a lot of emulators nowadays.

Just to clear things up as this matter will surely be brought up later on.

(Posted 1 week ago) Grindalf commented:

A few questions...
Can it be a commercial game?
Does it have to be finished this year?
Does it have to have been started this year?

(Posted 1 week ago) markcwm commented:

Yes, browser games would be classed as desktop, but I'm not so sure about including Android games as I've not run an Android emulator before.

Yes, it can be a commercial game, no you can just release a demo, no it doesn't have to be started this year, just released in this year.

Also, it can be released last year as long as it was in the last quarter, or 3 months.

(Posted 1 week ago) Spoonweaver commented:

I may have missed it, but how do I enter and where can I see the other entries?

(Posted 1 week ago) markcwm commented:

When participants have a finished release they just post it in this topic with title, screenshot and link. There are no finished entries yet. There will be a separate topic for voting in November.

(Posted 5 days ago) Bolt commented:

Hello BlitzCoders!

We would like to formally add our support to the Indie Game Competition. We will be giving away licenses for Unwrap3D Pro for 1st & 2nd prizes and Unwrap3D SE for 3rd prize.

Happy coding!

(Posted 5 days ago) markcwm commented:

That's fantastic and very generous of you Bolt, thank you.

(Posted 5 days ago) Grindalf commented:

Well in that case my Demo for Paws for Adventure was released a couple of weeks ago and fits the bill.
Its had a few bug fixes since release and I may make a couple of small fixes but I think its pretty much as good as its going to get and the full game wont be released until late next year

(Posted 4 days ago) RonTek commented:

Welcome aboard Bolt of Unwrap3D!

Thank you for your support

(Posted 2 days ago) ceeminus commented:

hello are game mods allowed, like source engine?

(Posted 2 days ago) markcwm commented:

Hi ceeminus, no this is for game developers only.

(Posted 8 hours ago) Spoonweaver commented:

hmm, well if this is open to any game released this year then...
Here's my entry:

let me know if you need steam codes to play it for voting purposes.
[email protected]

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