Worklog for BlitzCoder - Dark Realm Game Studio (DRGS)

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DRGS based features is a forked version of Flow3D (BlitzMax + Ogre3D) updated to Ogre3D version 1.7.4. This means a more stable version which is recommended by ogre community, plugin developers in particular with add-ons support and compatibility (more features) plus issues fixed. The game engine will be heavily based on NeoAxis and will include tools like terrain and map editors.

Dark Realm Game Studio - Ogre3D 1.7.4 / Flow3D

Design Documents

Dark Realm Game Studio - Design Doc

Dark Realm Game Studio - Design Doc - Map Editor


Version 1.0 Alpha is currently under wrapper upgrade.

  • Base Engine Features (BlitzMax - Flow3D/Ogre3D 1.7.4)
  • Physics (Newton)
  • GUI Component (CEGUI)
  • 3DSound (OpenAL)
  • Terrain System (Ogre Paged Geometry)
  • Editor (MaxGUI)
  • Map Editor (MaxGUI)


MaxGUI SoftShadows Demo

Newton Physics Demo - Jenga Tower

Robot Tank Game Demo

To be updated