3d Pathfinding - once and for all.  

(Posted 4 months ago) Rha

Hello.. Im wondering if I might get some here or advice or anything regarding 3d pathinding. I have looked at ther 3dPathfinding1.zip and it's broke, runtimerrors with the code and the editer.exe wont startup either.

Theres tons of 2d pathing on the forums/toolbox but I havent been successful implementing them in my project.

I recall a 3d node pathing system that allowed you to connect a single node to two different paths. ( not 3dpathfinding1.zip )

Thanks in advance.

  (Posted 4 months ago) markcwm commented:

I've not tried 3d pathfinding myself but I found you some tutorials and source.

A* Pathfinding
Controlling NPCs with Types
AStar3D v2 by JFK as posted in this topic A.I/ Pathfinding help (agaaaiiin)

Also here's some good AStar 2D tutorials.

A* Pathfinding for Beginners
A* Pathfinding utilizing banks

(Posted 4 months ago) Rha commented:

Thank you mark, i'll look into these right now. Im to the point of just building a static node system and saying to hell with pathfinding lol. This is what happens when you take off 10 years from coding. I remember back in the heat of blitz3d days I could spit out code in my sleep. ( Treemagic, blitztrees, blitzgrass etc..) :(

(Posted 4 months ago) druggedbunny983 commented:

I just found this in an old copy of the Code Archives:


I don't know anything about pathfinding, or the author's position on its use, etc, but it at least runs!

Run in windowed/debug mode as you have to use the mouse to click the nodes...

[Erm, the multi-post thing kinda sucks... edited.]

Woo, found reference to an old library on the web, but no copy on my HD or archive.org. Bit more searching, though, and someone uploaded it here:


See "3DPathFinding1.zip"... comments on an old forum post said it was good, only briefly tried running the supplied demo, which is at least full 3D.

(Posted 4 months ago) Rha commented:

Oh wow, that one from hi toro is a form of Navmesh in blitz3d - way back before navmesh wasnt invented or being used I would guess.. hehe

Thanks, im going to study this code as Im really just needing the logic behind cost and quickest path atm.

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