(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek

Finally, after some tinkering we now got Worklogs!

The way this works is basically the same by utilizing tags (worklogs) to create a new one or convert an existing topic to a worklog. The sorting is the same as the old blitz community with the latest one on top, but this time there is now the worklog summary, which will be the first post (standard topic) where the index description will be pulled from. There are also some changes with the entries section (update) styling to make it look different from a normal discussion.

I was also thinking of extending this section further by having an option of allowing other member comments/feedback. I'm still not sure if this is a good idea, but for now it can be an option with a bit messy workaround where you can just enable/disable comments simply by editing the topic and adding/removing the worklogs tag.

Commenting other than the author/poster are disabled by default since it is a worklog after all, same as ol blitz. Perhaps another additional tag (ex feedback) to control or enable member replies or commenting.

Now moving into the gallery or building other B3D stuff or sections and so let's see how this goes..

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