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(Posted 5 months ago) RonTek

This tree system is a fast, prop style tree system. The tree system dynamically optimizes the trees' level of detail for maximum performance.

Bumping up this code archive with updated link..

Author: JohnJ

The system is based on layers. Individual trees may not have their own textures, although each tree may be assigned to a different layer. For example, if you need 30,000 trees from 10 different tree textures, you would make 10 layers. Then you would assign each of the 10 textures to their own layer. Then, when each tree is created, it would be assigned to the desired layer for it's texture to be applied. The layer system helps to minimize surfaces, which increases performance.

The tree system also seperates trees into groups which are automatically hidden when out of view by Blitz3D's 3D engine. All this is done automatically, so all you have to worry about is the amount of "groups" for the tree system to use. The group grid size is 10x10 at default but may be adjusted for best performance.

A demo with source code and media can be downloaded here.

The demo is a modified version of the Castle Demo included with Blitz3D. The demo creates 50,000 (fifty thousand) trees densely covering the surrounding hills of the castle. It runs at 30-40 FPS on a NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX/MX, and at 75-100 FPS on a NVIDIA GeForce Go 5200 FX.

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