Earok's Monkey Demos

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Tweet graphics monkey-x code-archives

A collection of four demos written in the Monkey language, including Monkey source code, pretranslated HTML5 versions (all platforms) and precompiled C++ versions (Windows only).

Author: Earok
Project Page: https://earok.net/game/earoks-monkey-demos


  • Draw textured polygons demo.
  • Super Mario Kart style Mode 7 demo.
  • Six degrees of freedom demo.
  • 3D Heightmapped terrain demo.
  • Advanced Raycaster demo.
  • Enhanced Joystick support. (HTML5 on Chrome, XNA, GLFW on Windows Only)

semar commented:

Impressive !

BlitzCoder commented:

I agree.. quite into Pseudo 3D myself!

I tried to port the mode 7 mario into Blitmax mojo2 years ago.. got some traction, but it's kinda far from working.

Some of the demos are kinda outdated as there is a bug on the raycaster demo, possibly not compatible with the latest MonkeyX since these demos were release earlier.

9 degrees demo looks great.

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