Important: Privacy Policy and Terms Update

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Hey guys,

I have updated the privacy policy and terms with the recent movement about data protection. In summary, I am placing this forum and content under legitimate interest and for archiving purposes/public interests. It was clear since we got started on what this forum is all about and its purpose, so I have derived most of the terms from major Git services which basically ties content to its authors.

In addition and just to make it short and sweet, please do not post any content that will hint any personal information about you. The site will still never ever share, process, or transfer any information outside this site unless it falls under legitimate interest/purpose. The information stays here so that the forum works as expected and will become an archive of information indefinitely, as simple as that.

In any case you still have full control on how you present your data or information so please do post wisely. Also, I would not go that far, but using a secondary email and a unique username or display name particular only for this site/forum will be a step up. Name field is now changed to alias/nick and is no longer required and planning to set this as an optional display name, alternative to your username.

Another thing and if I'm not mistaken, email, ip address and username is still personal info and so if any of these are linked together, but should be covered by legitimate purpose since this is required by the system/forum to function properly.

The new accept terms page is not enforced yet on current members in case there will be unexpected access issues, but this will become active within 24-48 hours and already updated for new signups. You will also be prompted each time there is an update to these policy and terms which all revisions will be archived for copy. If you are already registered and logged in, you can accept the new terms/policy now before this will be in effect and active by going here:

Finally, you can contact me directly at admin [at] blitzcoder [dot] org if you have any questions or concerns about these terms/policies or in regard to your website information.

Thanks and cheers.

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