Eliza3D Engine

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Eliza3D is a small 3D engine, developed under DirectX9c and Ageia's physics engine (NVidia). Eliza3D is developed to allow easy to use with simple instructions and the most accessible possible.

Disclaimer: Linked for posterity.. not tested with latest Blitzmax flavors and versions. Use at your own risk.

Author: tmyke

elizamod.zip Main Module
newtonmod.zip Newton Module
mfp.zip MakeFormPhy
particleseditor.zip Particles Editor
tuto_physique.zip Physics Tutorial

tutorial.zip some samples for explore most instructions graphical base actions.
HLSL.zip how to use HLSL and shader with Eliza3D
terrain.zip a very simple sample with TerrainEngine command, with little physic action...
physic.zip physical sample for understand how to use physic engine with Eliza3D

To install the modules, extract the file, which in general contains tree directory:
xxx.mod : Copy the entire folder "eliza.mod" to the "BlitzMax/mod/pub.mod/" folder.
lib : Copy the files in the "lib" folder to the "BlitzMax/lib/" folder.
DLL : Copy the contents of the "dll" folder to your "Windows/System32" folder.

Eliza3D Engine

Eliza3D Engine

Eliza3D Engine

Eliza3D Engine

Pebender commented:

this looks awesome, i like it....

markcwm commented:

This looks very interesting, thanks Ron. Will definitely try this out.

markcwm commented:


I tried this with legacy Blitzmax but I got the error couldn't find MSVCR71.dll so tried to resolve it by downloading from dll-files.com but got an error when I tried to register it.

Source: https://windowsreport.com/fix-msvcr71-dll/

There's no source for the engine anyway so I'm giving up, also it looks like it's missing most of its examples.

BlitzCoder commented:

I see. I recall trying this out as well a few years ago and got stuck on something.

Edit: I found the examples and already updated the links

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