Upcoming Site Features 2022?

(Posted 8 months ago) RonTek

These are planned feature updates maybe 2022 or hopefully some will be sooner, mostly will be available on members depending on ⭐member tier (forum participation/no. of posts or contribution).

Just like bookmarks, you will be able to string existing posts, tutorials or code snippets by any author and make it as a collection either publicly or privately. Whereas bookmarks are one and done, this is one up where you have more than one set with a title and description. This will be very useful for both newbies as well as long time devs. Something in a title like 'RPG essentials' or 'Must have for FPS' which you would put up stuff related to these categories.

Forum Home Shuffle
You will be able to re-arrange the subforums index according to your taste!

Online Status
Members will be able to know if you are currently online based on browsing activity and date last seen via profile. For privacy reasons, default will be set to hide my online status but not last seen online.

Multiple Drafts
Current draft is based on your device so this one will actually save it on the site, perhaps 3 posts initially and 5 to max 10 on higher tiers.

Scheduled Post
Next to drafts where you can schedule them to post on a certain hour or date. For top members or sponsors.

Reply via Email
For top members or sponsors.

Worklogs v2.0
Worklogs have always been a private blog since way back. Recently, I thought of introducing a reply section at the bottom and optionally to toggle comments anytime the author feels like getting some feedback or turn it off.

Online Polls
Convert or turn a discussion to a poll.. for higher member tiers.

Member Messaging
Instead of PMs, member will have the option to share their contact email (option aside from the signup email) and another option perhaps depending on member tier.

Chat / ShoutBox
This is actually super easy to add, but very prone to abuse. so don't know we'll see..

⭐ Hopefully adding this to the site to have some kind of reward system based on member activities.

🤞 fingers crossed 🤞

Better Profile Page
I know, it's about time..


subject for updates

(Posted 8 months ago) hardcoal commented:

Im affraid of worklogs.. they stress me . they make me feel obligated lol

(Posted 8 months ago) RonTek commented:

Im affraid of worklogs.. they stress me . they make me feel obligated lol

no pressure, if you don't feel like it and need to stop on updating some project, no worries.

I'd stop on my previous logs due to change of plans. would post one soon though.

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