Center Point in Entity

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AutoMidHandle for Static and Animated Mesh.

This function will center a static mesh assuming it has a depth, height and width of > 0

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Function MESHmidhandle( mesh )

Mw# = meshwidth( mesh )
Mh# = meshheight( mesh )
Md# = meshdepth( mesh )
fitmesh mesh, -.5*mw, -.5*mh, -.5*md, mw,mh,md

End Function

For animated meshes you cant use meshwidth on it but could try the code below.

It loads an animmesh and scales it using blitz units.

tharefore if you make it 4,4,4 you know the center is x+2,y+2,z+2

create a pivot at this point and parent the mesh to it and voila! a centrally referenced mesh

Archive Link

Function loadscaledanimmesh(filename$, sx#,sy#,sz#) ;Size in blitz units not percent!!

    ;By Dan @ D-Grafix
    ;useage :  mesh=loadscaledanimmesh(file$,width,height,depth)

    ;create scaler and mesure static mesh
    mesh_SX#        =MeshWidth(scaler)
    mesh_SY#    =MeshHeight(scaler)
    mesh_SZ#        =MeshDepth(scaler)

    ;and bin it 
    FreeEntity scaler

    ;load 'real' mesh

    ;do some maths
    Xscale#     = ((100/mesh_SX)   * sx) / 100.0
    Yscale#     = ((100/mesh_SY)  * sy) / 100.0
    Zscale#     = ((100/mesh_SZ)  * sz) / 100.0

    ;scale it
    ScaleEntity mesh,Xscale#,Yscale#,Zscale#

    ;return it
    Return mesh

End Function

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