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Newgrounds API wrapped for Monkey.

Author: Felipe Alfonso.

This is a very simple module you can use on your games coded on monkey.

The list of Functions it has:
Connect:Void(appId:String, encKey:String) ' Connects to Newgrounds.
ShowScoreBoard:Void(sbName:String, x:Float, y:Float) ' Shows a Score board.
UnlockMedal:Void(medalName:String) ' Unlocks a medal.
DisableMedalPopup:Void() = ' This Disables the medal popup.
EnableMedalPopup:Void(x:Float, y:Float) ' Enables medal popup. Set position to where you want the medal popup.
PostScore:Void(sbName:String, score:Float) ' Post a score to Newgrounds score board.
HideScoreBoard:Void() ' Hides the score board.
AddFlashAd:Void(x:Float, y:Float) ' You can add a Newgrounds adevertising
HideFlashAd:Void() ' Hides the adevertising.
AdWidth:Float() ' Advert. Width
AdHeight:Float() ' Advert. Height
ScoreWidth:Float() ' Score Board Width.
ScoreHeight:Float() ' Score Board Height.
MedalWidth:Float() ' Medal Popup Width.
MedalHeight:Float() ' Medal Popup Height.
GetUserName:String() ' Get the current username, if it's not logged it returns Guest.
IsMedalUnlocked:Bool(medalName:String) ' Returns TRUE if the medal is unlocked.
IsUser:Bool() ' Returns True if it's a logged user.

You can try my game that uses this module:

Disclaimer: This resouce is uploaded for posterity / educational purpose

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