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Beta release of my (LevelEditor) and own B3DX library include .bb file

With the B3DX lib you can create your own Entitys and save them as collection or as single in one file , please with extension .B3DX .

Author: Markus Rauch




All Entiys infos are saved in the file .
Fx , Alpha , Blend , Shininess , Color ,
Position , Pitch , Yaw , Roll ,
AutoFade OnOff,Near,Far ,
the Mesh Surfaces with Texture name and path ,
Vertices XYZ UVW RGB NXNYNZ , Triangles .
Spezial Typ$ Field like 600 Light and Tag$ Field for own use .
The Editor can select more then one Entitys and clone it
to a new one , the first selected take the Flags for the
new grouped Entity (Mesh) .
In the Editor you can Render VertexLightning and the
default EntityFx is set for it but you can modify the
flags itself . All that the Light can see are lightning ,
if there a wall between or another entity you see only the default ambient light :-)
Attention !
The Scene from Screenhoot i have build wrong , because
i have build it before VertexLightning and the Light can
see the ceiling and lightning another room without light .
Planar UV mapping works fine and on cylinderical i am working ;-)

New Vertex selecting and moving by mouse ,
Moving U and V Offset by Menu ,
have changed some Menu entrys ,
added New in Menu File ,
showing Entity Name by Delete .
Had forgod to show you the new Camera position when switching it to next or previous .
Now the Screenshoot don't overwrite his last , it increase the number in filename if exists .

I think the cylinderical UV mapping works now :-)

Add Cylinderical YZ UV mapping and some UV fix on mapping .
Add special Key (G like Go to) in 3D view that position the
aktual Entity to mousepick coords :-)
Add camera oriantation help in 3D view .
Add Update Normals Button if Vertex Lightning be wrong try it.

Fixed BUG when pressed g in TextBox the Entity go to Mousepickpos.
after 3D view becomes focus , SORRY :-(
New Gadget colors .
Add handle Mesh on Z Axis Front/Back .
Seperate SelectBox Texture , now it is transparent with yellow lines ,
to better position a Entity .

Add CSG Engine (Union,Subtract,Intersect) + UV
See screenshoots above.

Loud64 commented:

does this have lightmapping?

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