Vorx Script 2.0

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Scripting mod for BlitzMax. Vorx.Script's syntax is similar to BlitzMax'.

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Author: n-Halbleiter

Vorx.Script always works like BlitzMax' "SuperStrict". It also is case-insensitive.

The differences are:

  • Comments are introduced with "//". There are no multiline-comments.
  • In variable declarations: Use "->" instead of ":", also use "Var" instead of "Local". Constant variables are not possible.
  • In conditional statements: Syntax "if [condition]:" and in new lines the statements, finish with "end if" or "endif
  • You can not use functions not declared in types. This is because of BlitzMax' Reflection behaviour.
  • In mathematical expressions (also in string concatenations) you can only use variables declared in the script, not functions/methods/things like that.

What's been added:

  • Mathematical expressions (you can only use script variables and numbers in them, however)
  • Branches (simple If branches, more would be possible, but not necessary)
  • Bugfixes

The BaH.MuParser module is now required to be able to use Vorx.Script, since I use the same for parsing mathematical expressions Use module. (I simply didn't want to write my own)
The BaH.MuParser module can be downloaded here.

- should work on NG, but untested
- can't pinpoint exact older muparser version on vanilla bmx.

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