Importing Prefabs in Maplet

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Tweet maps tutorials

For beginners who are just starting Maplet.

  1. Create and model your prefabs in a separate file for importing. Here the creation is in reverse so you can copy and use Fill mode when your level is simple and in Carve mode (default).
  2. Open your prefab file(s) and level file so you have multiple file/tabs open at once.
  3. In your prefab tab/window, set to Copy mode and then just select your prefab using Box primitive or whatever fits your model.
  4. After selection, just switch to Fill or Carve mode (space key for shortcut) depending on your prefab construction. Below the example ramp prefab is carved (Image 1) and so I do a reverse and use Fill mode
  5. A copy of your prefab will appear and then just switch over to your scene tab and will still appear and follow your mouse cursor just like a normal copy mode.

Prefab tab with ramp textured model

Example scene tab in Carve mode with prefab copied (Fill mode) and imported

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