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(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek

OpenB3D BlitzMax wrapper

GitHub Url:

Author: markcwm

Latest Release:

Add Ons: BlitzMax library wrappers for OpenB3DMax

  • Newton Physics (Alpha)
  • Assimp 3.2 Support

(Posted 1 year ago) markcwm commented:

Nice, thanks Ron. Although it would probably be better not to even mention Newton Physics as it's not ready, or maybe put (alpha) on it. It's pretty much last on my todo list.

Assimp works as far as I've tested it although it has crashed on a few models. I'll be updating Assimp soon with a factory loader so it can be called with LoadAnimMesh instead of aiLoadMesh.

(Posted 1 year ago) RonTek commented:

Ok got it. awesome job with these addons btw.

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