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Open source 3D engine for BlitzMax

Official GitHub Repo and Download Page:

Latest Release (Stable):

hardcoal commented:

Great.. But for now ill stick with Xors3D which is similar to b3d but with physics and more..
If anyone can contact those guys to release this engine it will be super duper awesome ..

BlitzCoder commented:

Hey HC, yes I'm posting these awesome libraries to showcase the wide selection of Blitz user contributed modules/frameworks for other users to check out. I know it would be great to have the Xors3D to be finally open source, but the problem with their contact email is they only use the official domain and could not find any alternative emails referenced on the web or archives. That is all I have gathered so far.

markcwm commented:

There used to be a cool logo for Minib3d, do you remember it? I'll have a look for it.

markcwm commented:

Found it! I wonder if I can remote link it.


BlitzCoder commented:

Hey thanks Mark! Just updated with the logo and also added for OpenB3DMax

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