As Ive said many times before.. IDE's of today are not Good enough

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The main opsticale for making a Great projects are bad IDE's
They dont think outside of the box when making them.. and they dont use todays techonology

If i would set a new project for myself it would be making one that rocks..
but first i must finish my game editor.

BlitzCoder commented:

Hey HC, are you talking about Blitz only compatible IDEs? Have you also tried the newest ones that does support Blitz compilers?

hardcoal commented:

Im talking generally although i dont know enough IDE's to be sure im correct..
All I want to say is that a Good advanced IDE would give you more flexability in viewing a large project..
when you deal with small projects its no big deal..
but on the scale of what im doing it is..

Ive learnt to get along.. but i promiss you it effects the quality of my editor.

BlitzCoder commented:

Ok I see. You can check out Sublime Text 3 and Atom.IO which are now 2 of the most popular IDE's in the coding scene.

Sublime Text 3 (Paid, Free Evaluation, No Expiration):

Blitzmax Integration:

Atom.IO (Free)

Blitzmax Integration:

I have actually used both and they do have modern features that you can look for in an editor. I am leaning more into using SublimeText3 because of the straightforward and simple interface compared to Atom. There's also a plugin for Blitz3D/Plus (aka BlitzBasic) with Sublime3.

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