Blitz Toolbox / DLLs

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nSprite 2 is a big set of functions for Blitz3D to create 2D graphics using the capability and advantages of 3D cards. T…

VLC Video Playblack Library with Video Frame Capture

This is the Newton Physics wrapper for Blitz3d based on the Newton Dynamics physics engine. It allows the use of advance…

ODE Physics DLL Wrapper for Blitz3D

Raknet wrapper for Blitz. This wrapper was originally developped by Kurix for Blitz3D, adapted to RakNet 3 and BlitzMax …

Flow (Flexible Lightweight Ogre Wrapper) 3D is an Ogre wrapper and game dev framework

Access to the Nintendo WiiMote controller

A high-level real-time 3d engine written in C++ for Windows and Linux.

A dll wrapper of the coldet library for blitz3d. This version is updated to the latest 1.2 version of coldet.

Wrapper of functions that you can use WinApi from blitz3d and blitzplus.

Zip functionality for Blitz

This is GMan's BlitzMax Mod and Wrapper for the 3Impact game engine.

This is the full package with source of Irrlicht 1.8.3 Wrapper for Blitz3D/BlitzMax/BlitzPlus that AquaLung has provided…