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This is my stopped 'minib3d extented 2' source to share it with the Blitzmax Community.

OpenB3D BlitzMax wrapper

Newton Dynamics Physics for BlitzMax NG Only

A BlitzMax game framework

Newton Wrapper for OpenB3DMax.

I started this Framework in miniB3D for my Extrasolar game project and ported it now to OpenB3D as it is more superior t…

Vortex is an open-source, lightweight 3D graphics rendering library which is easy to use and easy to integrate with any …

This is a tech demo showing how to use the NETradiant mapper as a base for complex scenes and how to load them in Blitz3…

Cross Platform 3D Module based on MiniB3D for Monkey-X

The Draw3D2 is responsible for fast graphics under Blitz3D. There is no need for another DLL. The image is pixel perfect…

This was one of my conversion projects that I did a few years back, ported from [Particle Candy for MiniB3D Monkey-X](ht…

Monkey-X Spine 2D Animation Module. Spine is 2D skeletal animation software for video games

Author: **Mirage-lab Team**

Just a regular old heap type module

BRL modules port. BlitzMax Runtime Libraries, for BlitzMax NG.

SDL backend for BlitzMax

ColDet 3D collision library for BlitzMax.

BlitzMax MaxGUI modules port.

BlitzOgre3D largely ported the Ogre3D engine to BlitzMax, Blitz3D and BlitzPlus. While the wrapper for the latter two la…

Author: **skidracer**