Frequently Asked Questions


Currently this forum only supports YouTube videos and it is just as simple as typing or pasting the full youtube link like You will not get a preview using the editor, but it will be automatically parsed upon post or edits. Any other online video service like Vimeo, etc. will be supported soon, but for now you can just use full links for future implementation.


BlitzCoder forum uses markdown with prismjs for generating syntax hilighted code. For specific language like BlitzMax or Monkey-X, just use this as an example:

print "Hello, World"

Full options are blitzbasic, blitzmax and monkey which are all work in progress and subject for updates. There is also basic for use with generic or old school BASIC syntax. Other language syntax which are related or that can be used for code sharing or presentation will be implemented soon or upon request. You can also find updated examples or stickied post under each forum or category.


The forum in particular uses pretty dates to make it easier in checking or viewing activity or posted dates and so there is no option to set your current timezone at this time. Date and time is in UTC.

Last modified: September 13 2018 21:17:39.